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26 April 2009 | The wedding party of Jessica & Patrick in the pictures of Joyphotographers | Wedding Photographers Torino

These are the pictures of Jessica & Patrick in the first wedding I had the pleasure to shoot in New York.

It was fully packed with emotions of joy, friends were really closed to the bride and groom and it was surprisingly pleasing. For me was great to get to know these guys, and all of their families, very glad and cheerful.

I had the chance to take a shoot in the street of the movie Once upon a time in America, the movie with De Niro: it was a fantastic emotion for me.

Stefano Serra | Joyphotographers

groom preparation photo

groom friends with photographer elevator

wedding group friends picture

friends portraits stefano serra

detail of the wedding dress torino

bride in new york picture joyphotographers

bouquet floreale torino centro

beautiful bride in como lake

limousine for wedding in piemonte

enter bride church new york

marriage in church america

wedding photographer piemonte

finally married with photography

kissing and hugging bride and groom picture

wedding photojournalist a kiss

wpja walking married

joyphotographers fotografi matrimonio torino

wedding photographers torino

group picture with houdson river

beautiful wedding group picture in america

restaurant reception

dancing wedding party

bride and groom having fun

hugging peace love happiness

cut the cake in the party

bouquet lancio foto matrimonio

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  1. …però non vale, a NY è tutto più bello!!!!! ;-)

  2. propio belle queste foto , sono da usare nelle riviste !!!

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